Domaine Chasson, Chateau Blanc, Roussillon

When you own a house in Provence, you are never short of guests who drop by for an afternoon swim, a dinner serenaded by cicadas or an improptu stay of several days. Which means you are almost always short of wine (if you're "bon vivants" like us and our friends). We take all of our friends to Chasson. The Chasson family are young and not afraid to experiment - whether by producing a California-style Chardonnay or reintroducing the Viognier grape back to the region after a hiatus - to stunning results.  Their "Vin d'Ete" (Summer Wine) is a full-bodied red to be drunk chilled - it goes incredibly well with barbeques. We can never keep enough in stock.

Route de Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt, Quartier Grimaud  
84220   Roussillon  

Tél. : +33 04 90 05 64 56
Fax : +33 04 90 05 72 79